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Lawn and Garden products made from cannabis

CannDoo™ releases natural plant beneficial healing compounds found in cannabis into your lawn and garden.

All Natural and Organic

CannDoo™ is a patent pending process for producing many plant beneficial products

CannDoo™ Cow Manure Compost is one application of our patent pending process, but CannDoo™ can take many forms: soil amendments (such as you see here) spray fertilizers, granular fertilizers, mold retardants, etc... These products offer real solutions through hybridization with cannabis.

Nutrient and chemical properties of CannDoo™

The nutrient and chemical properties of CannDoo™ are dependent upon the application of the process. In other words, when the CannDoo™ process is used to make a mold retardant, the nutrient and chemical properties will be different than when CannDoo™ is applied to making compost. Scroll down to see some of our products and their nutrient and chemical properties. 

An old remedy with new applications

 George Washington's canvas sails were made from hemp. Hemp fiber is highly resistant to rotting, and its resistance to mildew, mold and salt water led to its premier use in marine fittings. The majority of all twine, rope, ship’s sails, rigging and nets up to the late 19th century were made from hemp.  The word canvas itself is derived from cannabis.

CannDoo™ Nutrition, Sales and Investment

What makes CannDoo™ Cow Manure Compost special?

We all know how good compost is for plants, but CannDoo™ is even better! It combines cow manure and cannabis through our patent pending process to create compost rich in soluble silica. The silica in CannDoo™ helps strengthen cell walls, guard against environmental stress, improve water and mineral uptake, and protect against fungal diseases, which reduces the need for pesticides.

CannDoo™ Garden Disease Control Spray

Introducing CannDoo™ Garden Disease Control Spray. It uses the same patent pending method we use to create CannDoo™ Compost. High levels of silica released from cannabis are combined with other all natural ingredients to make a simple yet powerful garden remedy.

How does silica benefit your lawn and garden?


Silica is not recognized as an “essential” element, but its beneficial effects on plant growth are well documented… improving stress tolerance, disease resistance and yield for a wide range of plants. 

Invest in CannDoo™

The hemp industry is growing quickly at 22% five year CAGR. CannDoo™ is in its infancy and ripe for investors. The link below will take you to more information on investing in CannDoo™.

Bloggers get free stuff!

Hello my fellow garden warriors. You are very important to us! We’re offering free samples to garden and cannabis bloggers for testing and reviews. Please click the link below to apply for your free stuff.

Lawn & Garden Retailers

CannDoo™ is NOT about being the first to have ‘made with cannabis’ products in Lawn & Garden. CannDoo™ offers significant improvements in materials, user friendliness and other functional characteristics of a number of lawn and garden products.