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CannDoo™ is a patent pending method of producing silica rich compost with environmentally sustainable cannabis.

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What it does

CannDoo™ provides an  environmentally beneficial solution for plant fertilizing and pest provention. It is a patent pending method of producing silica rich compost that reduces the need for fertilizers and pesticides. It's done with sustainable cannabis and through natural bio processes.

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More about CannDoo™

Truly ready for cannabis?

 "There is no state in the union that is more ready for this industry than this state," said Orlando attorney and United for Care chairman John Morgan [Orlando Weekly, May 10, 2016]. 

Where does the waste go?

Everything generates waste/byproduct

Trade secret...

The CEO of one of Florida's licensed growing facilities told me, it's a trade secret involving various ways with lots of processes. 


My guess is they burn the waste. It’s the only way to insure waste seeds won’t grow, but that’s not true. 


High heat composting kills all plant seeds. Stop burning cannabis waste and polluting the environment. CannDoo™ repurposes cannabis waste into a silica rich compost.

Weed that feeds!

Whatever is happening to cannabis waste, there’s going to be a lot more of it and very soon. Invest in CannDoo™ and we’ll save industrial cannabis from one of its environmental issues and provide gardeners with a rich alternative to synthetic fertilizers.